Exeter Guitar Lessons

Exeter Guitar Lessons

I know exactly what it feels like to start learning guitar, I remember feeling a little daunted and nervous before meeting my teacher. Therefore, I am sure as a teacher that you immediately feel at ease during your first lesson, you will quickly forget all about your pre-lesson nerves as we start talking about the music that you are passionate about and what inspired you to want to learn to play the guitar.

All my lessons are tailored to your specific needs, with the lessons running completely at your own pace - it is the benefit of 1-2-1 lessons, enabling us to repeat aspects of learning that you are finding challenging as well as whistling through the bits you are find easy. For more advanced students our first lesson will focus on exploring the area of the guitar that you wish to improve upon, whether it is soloing, improvisation, theory or your general musicailty, then from this I will start to build a course of lessons that will ensure that you will attain the information needed to reach your aims.

With each lesson structured to push your guitar playing forward and help you achieve your goals why not come and try a lesson to see how you find it - to book your first lesson, or simply to find out more about my guitar tuition don't hesitate to give me a call on 01392 703606.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

Beginner Guitar Lessons

I have taught many beginner students over the years, helping them to form a basic understanding of how to play the guitar, before pushing on to learning the songs that they are passionate about - be it rock, pop, jazz, blues or metal! I am passionate about helping my students to learn through enjoyable, engaging and ultimately rewarding lessons, that are built into a course that will get you the results that you are looking for.

To book your first lesson, or simply find out more about my guitar tuition, simply call 01392 703606 or get in touch via the contact page.

Learn to Play Guitar
Will is a fantastic local guitar teacher! An up and coming musician in Exeter, he is an experienced guitar tutor and will certainly help you excel when learning the guitar!