Music Venues in Exeter

Music Venues in Exeter

Exeter has a few awesome music venues for you to check out or gig in! Despite the cities small size we have had some major artists emanate from our music scene, the likes of Muse, Joss Stone and Ben Howard. Here at Guitar Lessons Exeter we have compiled a short description and review of the major music venues in Exeter! In no order...

The Cavern, known to be Exeter's longest running live music venue, this music venue is a regular tour date for almost all upcoming UK bands. Established in 1991, The Cavern which is located at 83-84 Queen Street behind Boston Tea Party - the entrance looking like the steps down to the underworld - has seen the likes of Launched in 1991 as a platform for local and international bands, the Cavern has over the years programmed tens of thousands of bands, including the likes of Coldplay, Muse, Biffy Clyro, La Roux and Mumford and Sons grace their stage. It is a great place for any serious indie/rock band in Exeter to start gigging! A great night out too, if you want to see who will be rocking the UK music scene in two years time head to this club!

Mama Stones, Exeter's very own jazz and blues guitar venue ran by none other that Joss Stones's mum! A great venue with a hugely talented in house band with regular performances from national and international blues stars. Located at 1 Mary Arches Street, this venue is probably the most relaxed in Exeter - the perfect place to let your hair down and listen to some great jazz guitar. With regular perfomances from The Voice UK star Hannah Berney, Leigh Coleman and of course Joss Stone Mama Stones is an Exeter venue well worth checking out!

The Lemon Grove, located on the University of Exeter campus, has played host to some great bands over the years - including Hole, The Cribs, Reel Big Fish, Radiohead (with Pink Floyd and The Who up at the Great Hall) - in more recent years bands like Fightstar, We are Scientists and the Kaiser Chiefs have rocked student audiences. However, the quality of bands the Lemon Grove and the University of Exeter's Great Hall has certainly deteriorated in the last few years, along with the venue itself. Still a great night out if the band is good but Exeter should be aiming to get the Lemon Grove back on the touring circuit of UK bands.

Exeter Phoenix plays host to a whole variety of different events, concerts and workshops over the year. It has a great reputation for theatre and alternative music, enticing some great quality bands to perform - including an amazing gig by the Maccabees in 2012 - this up and coming music venue will hopefully keep providing Exeter with bigger and better bands over the next few years. The Phoenix also hold fantastic workshops, including the Audio to Digital recording event held by Sound on Sound magazine, and has an in house recording and rehearsal studios (find out more here) - it is an awesome all round music venue!

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